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"God never made

an ugly landscape.

All that the sun

shines on is beautiful,

so long as it is wild."

                 - John Muir 1898


About Chris Ryan

Chris began his journey into photography as an avid outdoor enthusiast. Often exploring local mountain and wilderness areas throughout Southern California. Including frequent visits to nearby San Bernardino Mountains, Yosemite, Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks.

Chris discovered a hidden passion for photography during his first ever road trip across the Great West. What he refers to as his “Awakening”. He drove over 5,000 miles across several states capturing photographs from sunrise until sunset. Staying at various National and State park campgrounds scattered along the way. He set out to get lost in the great outdoors but never expected to find himself.

When not traveling Chris lives in the vibrant coastal community of Ventura County, California. This beautiful area of Southern California is also home to Oxnard, Camarillo, Ojai and more. Many photographs feature the Channel Islands National Park, Ventura Pier, Surfer’s Point and other iconic locations across Ventura County. Including the Two Trees landmark and Ventura Land Trust conservation.

Chris’ close proximity to the shorelines allow him to capture coastal living at its best year-round. You can see examples of his photographs in the online art galleries.

Artist Statement

“Lasting beauty is what it comes down to for me. Capturing images in the best possible way to preserve the experience I had behind the camera.

The most enjoyable and tangible photographs come out of pure exploration. Discovering composition rather than planning it. I prefer not to have a list of specific angles or shots in mind, such planning can distract from the experience.

One of my favorite elements to capture is natural lighting. In particular how it plays differently between sunrise & sunset. My photography along the Ventura shoreline conveys interesting examples of where sun, sand & ocean combine to do wonderful things.

Outdoor photography can be a spiritual experience for me. Extended periods of solitude allow me to get some quality time with Creator and creation.

I believe we all need to step outside the bubble of everyday life, disconnect from distractions and really absorb the beauty God has placed around us.

Only some of us have an opportunity to pursue it, fewer actually take the time to do so. For that reason I am blessed.”  

~ Chris Ryan

Camping in Olympic National Park (Chris Ryan Photographer)

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience”.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Picture of Chris Ryan Photographer