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Camping and Campfires “Preparing and Enjoying a Campfire” Outdoor Demonstration Videos by CHRIS RYAN “Camplife in the Great Outdoors” “Campfire in Humboldt Redwoods” “Starting a Campfire in the Woods” Gransfors Bruk, Bahco, Fiskars, SVEN Saw, Char-Cloth, Swiss Mora, Light-My-Fire, Kindle, Firewood, Camping,  Survival, Demonstration, Axes, Chopping, Lumberjack, Sawing, Cutting, Wilderness, Forest, Campfire “Campfire in the Rain Forest”

Camping, chopping wood and taking names in the great outdoors. Enjoy this series of outdoor adventure and camping videos created by Chris Ryan.

Original content videos capturing the essence of outdoor lifestyle and camping in the wilderness and mountains of California. From the Sierra Nevada Range to the National Parks such as Yosemite, King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Park. What I refer to as California’s top 3 National Park.

Get lost in the outdoor experience or see it for the first time if you have never been camping. I love camping and these videos were created to reflect and remember those good times outdoors. Especially now since forest closure is more routine.

Always fully extinguish your campfire before leaving your site. Do not let the campfire burn-out. It never does and can start again with a high wind. Use water or dirt and make sure the smoke is gone before you leave. Make Smokey the Bear proud.