Here is a selection of freelance photography showing my work in a variety of photography fields.

These photographs highlight commercial photography, advertising & marketing imagery, conservation work, published media and/or licensed photo stock.


This assignment required me to create a generic trash assortment to be staged for “before & after” photos at various locations across Ventura County, Los Angeles & Santa Barbara, CA.

These photographs are only a couple of the many photographs captured in the streets, shoreline and cities. These were used in a state-wide outreach campaign for Clean Water CA.

Ad Campaign Photograph of Let's Change this to That (CalTrans) Caltrans Clean Water Campaign Photography Caltrans Clean Up CA Photos

These images were running on all social media platforms, corporate website & also printed for display in public transit areas.

CHRIS RYAN Photography

Portfolio, Tear Sheets, Publications, Commissions

Image of Chris Ryan Freelance Photography



This Visit Camarillo VIP event featured a Tom Cruise Maverick impersonator at the Camarillo airport. Contest winners had a chance to meet him and fly on the planes as well.

I was assigned to follow  the impersonator, contest winners and airport personal enjoying the VIP event. A portion of the event required me to capture aerial photography from the air.

Visit Camarillo Tourism Photograph of Tom Cruise (ChrisRyanPIX)


Ventura Harbor Village commissioned me to explore the harbor and capture photographs showcasing the beauty and adventures.

Many images captured highlighted the harbor lifestyle. Images were used on social media platforms and on Ventura Harbor media.

Ventura Harbor Village Logo Tourism Photograph of Children at Ventura Harbor


Dallas Cowboys Training Camp (Oxnard)

This VIP event hosted by Ventura County Coast featured the Dallas Cowboys training in nearby Oxnard, CA.

My assignment was to capture the atmosphere, athletes & coaches. Many of the photographs are candid moments caught at the right time. These event photographs convey a good time had by all.

Event Photography of Dallas Cowboys Training Camp (Oxnard)

Ventura County Museum Logo


Freelance Photographer

(805) 832-0896

Event Photography of Ventura County 150th Birthday (Santa Paula CA)

Museum of Ventura County

Highlighting Ventura County’s 150th

Birthday Celebration - Santa Paula, CA


This freelance photography project requested by City of Ventura Parks and Recreation was seeking new stock photography.

I traveled around Ventura County and captured beaches, parks and boardwalks having scenic views. Many images included capturing people without exposing their faces.

The images exemplify the coastal lifestyle of Ventura County.

Travel Photograph of Parks and Recreation in Ventura (ChrisRyanPIX) Ventura County Parks and Recreation Logo

Photograph of Ventura County Watershed Areas (ChrisRyanPIX)


This field photography assignment required me to scout various watershed areas across Ventura County exemplifying the biodiversity found along these targeted areas.

Here are only a few of the dozens of images captured for Ventura County Public Works. Many creeks, watersheds, rivers and beaches showcase wildlife thriving in these areas.

Ventura County Public Works (Watershed) Photography

e Photographer


USA Today Newspaper Front Page Photos by Chris Ryan


This assignment required me to hike a conservation area and capture the beauty of the protected hillsides in Ventura, CA.

The conservation photos were displayed on a full page in the USA Today newspaper.

These photographs are now historical images of the famous Two Trees before they were impacted by the Thomas Fire of 2017.


This publication is distributed to Sierra Club members of the Los Padres National Forest Chapter. This includes the areas of Ventura County and Santa Barbara, California.

Condor Call Sierra Club Los Padres Chapter Logo Cover Photo of Condor Call Sierra Club