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ADVENTURE / CONSERVATION PHOTOGRAPHER Shishi Odoshi “ShiShi Odoshi by Campfire” Bamboo Water Fountain Therapy and Meditation  Videos by CHRIS RYAN Bamboo Fountain Zen & Meditation” “Rain in Japanese Garden”

Listen to the relaxing sounds of rain fall in a Japanese garden. Rain drops can be heard falling on tin and water creating beautiful relaxing sounds for deep sleep or mediation. Enjoy!

Take time to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of a rocking water fountain over a beautiful Japanese pond. Listen to the birds and other ambient sounds recorded from our backyard escape.

You can hear water trickling from a nearby waterfall as the rocking fountain knocks on wood. The knocking sound of the ShiShi Odoshi fountain is very peaceful. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds as much as watching the video too.

Combined with the natural sounds of songbirds in the yard, jumping goldfish and diving water turtles it's a very nice place to relax and escape for the day.

Enjoy the relaxing sights and meditative sounds of my hand built Japanese rocking water fountain. Also referred to as ShiShi Odoshi. Used in Japanese gardens to scare off small game from the garden area. Here it is used to create peace and calmness.

You can hear water trickling from the fountain. Listen to the knocking sound of bamboo on rock. Listen to the rain or just get lost in the motion of the rocking fountain. These videos will give you some temporary relaxation and calibration.

Take a brief mental escape from the routine of your busy day if only for a moment. Please Enjoy and Share!

~ Chris Ryan

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